Our Pledge

There is always more that can be done to improve any business and we will continue to:

  • Measure our performance and improve year on year.
  • Promote our principles and lead by example.
  • Innovate by finding new ways of achieving our goals.

Your Challenge

It is a myth that one person alone cannot make a difference to improving the environment. Each one of us can play a part by following these simple steps:

  • Think.
    Investigate ways of mitigating your impact and learn that you can even save money while reducing your carbon footprint. Think about the simple changes you can make at home, at work and in your travels.
  • Act.
    Make responsible choices and formulate a realistic plan for change. Act on your commitment by reducing, re-using and recycling whenever possible. Then, visit http://www.co2balance.com to calculate and offset your home, business and travel emissions.
  • Speak.
    Tell others what you are doing to affect change and challenge them to take responsibility for their own impact. Speak to your local authority and encourage them to share your commitment. Email us because we want to know about your pledge and the difference it has made.